Online Retail Marketing


Stop getting lost in the millions of products online

With over 3 billion products listed worldwide on Amazon alone, having the proper strategy to connect your products with the people searching for them is more important than ever.

Dashing Digital Marketing has the experience needed to help your products stand out and the results to back them up.

Amazon Marketing

As an out-of-the-box agency, Dashing Digital Marketing was one of the first agencies to start marketing businesses on Amazon.
DDM has teamed up with hundreds of businesses ranging from small startups to multi-million dollar companies to bring incredible success to their Amazon accounts and can do the same for yours.

SEO Optimization

Through a unique combination of in-depth keyword research, competitor research, and SEO optimized copy, Dashing Digital Marketing will help you meet and out-beat the competition.
Additionally, DDM's extensive knowledge in all aspects of Amazon including A+ and EBC pages will give you the advantage that you need to rise up in rank faster.


The way your campaign is set up can mean the difference between success and failure.
Using intuitive out-of-box strategy, Dashing Digital Marketing will build effective and more efficient ad campaigns for your business through Seller Central and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) that maximizes your ROI and increases your traffic.

Additional Amazon Services

Dashing Digital Marketing can handle pretty much everything for you better throughout Seller Central, Vendor Central / Express, and Amazon Marketing Services.

  • New Account / Product Setup
  • Product Copywriting
  • A+ EMC Detail Pages
  • Enhanced Branded Content Product Pages
  • Promotions, Coupons, and General Advertising
  • Facebook Display Advertising
  • Email Automation
  • Consulting

eBay Marketing

Over 160 million shoppers are looking to purchase your products. Ensure your products stand out and sell faster using Dashing Digital Marketing's approach to eBay marketing.

Account Optimization

Every 2 seconds a pair of shoes is old on eBay. Every 6 seconds a handbag is sold. Every 4 seconds a cell phone is sold.
Dashing Digital Marketing will help you be the shoes, handbag, and cell phone through a mix of product optimization and marketing strategy.

Walmart 3p Marketing

With Amazon on the rise, the giant Walmart is doing everything in its power to stay on top.
Using Walmart's new 3p marketplace you have the opportunity to get your product in from of millions of Walmart customers and broaden the reach of your brand's.

Account Optimization

Dashing Digital Marketing will help you sell on Walmart with more confidence and be found easier by your target audience


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Search Engine Optimization

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